Tips for Working a Job Fair

Know Why You Are Attending the Fair

  • To establish contacts
  • To explore career fields
  • To gather employer information

Know Why Employers Go to Job Fairs

  • To provide career information to interested parties
  • To make contacts with prospective new employees
  • To increase awareness of their organization
  • To fill existing job vacancies

What to Do Prior to the Job Fair

  • Obtain a list of participating organizations
  • Choose the employers that you are most interested in
  • Research the selected employers
  • Clarify your own career goals so that you can effectively communicate them to an employer

What to Take with You to the Fair

  • A pen, preferably blue or black ink, and paper for notes
  • Multiple copies of your resumé
  • Multiple copies of your list of references
  • A nice portfolio or brief case make it easier to organize these materials

Present Yourself as a Professional

  • Dress in a conservative, professional manner
  • When introducing yourself to recruiters, offer a firm handshake and have good eye contact
  • State your name, major, and career interests confidently
  • Offer the recruiter a copy of your resumé
  • Ask about career opportunities in your area of interest
  • Tell the employer what you have to offer
  • When appropriate, display your knowledge of the organization and ask relevant questions
  • Be enthusiastic, interested and confident at all times
  • Avoid discussing salary and benefits, and focus on what you can do for the organization
  • Take brief notes after each meeting, including important information you have gathered about the organization
  • Get a business card
  • Take a copy of any employer literature
  • Neatly organize literature, notes, etc., so that you look professional and organized throughout the job fair.

Follow Up after the Fair

  • Send a brief thank you note, especially if you are interested in the organization. Reiterate your interest in the organization and the position, and enclose another copy of your resumé.
Last Updated 3/4/20