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Cultural and economic growth in Venango County will get a boost under a plan developed by the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry and Tourism and Pennsylvania Western University Clarion for the university’s Venango property.

Starting in fall 2024, pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the Associate of Science in Nursing will relocate to the Clarion campus. 

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PennWest Clarion — Venango is part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which impacts the cost of tuition enormously. 

All students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) regardless of financial need by May 1st each year.

View a video on how to complete the FAFSA.

What is the cost for attending PennWest Clarion, Venango?

Freshmen/first time Pennsylvania state grant applicants MUST complete the Pennsylvania State Grant application at

If you are selected for federal verification (an audit), submit the appropriate form as soon as you can.

Scholarship Information

PennWest Clarion's endowed, annual and athletic scholarships provide support to more than 600 students yearly. Scholarships are available to new incoming students as well as currently enrolled students. 

Search the PennWest Clarion Scholarship database to find the scholarship that's right for you.

Scholarship opportunities are available to all Venango campus students. The local community has been very generous through the years by offering scholarships for specific majors as well as the general student.

PennWest Clarion - Venango Scholarship Application Deadline to apply is in February of each year for the following academic year.  Students should watch their emails for the application process to open up.  Links below will be opened during the application process time only.

Directions for Completing Venango Scholarship Application

Venango Scholarship Application Online Form

Search for Additional scholarships

Find Answers to Your Questions

Financial Aid TV is designed to provide quick and simple answers to financial aid questions. There are hundreds of very short videos that have answers to almost anything related to financial aid.  Whether you want to know if you can be considered an independent student when filing the FAFSA, deducting your tuition from a federal tax return, or if you have a question about how to file for veteran's benefits, Clarion Financial Aid TV can help. 

Included in Financial Aid TV at Clarion is an online video financial literacy counseling site . You can learn about Money Management, Saving, Understanding Credit, Money Basics, Credit Cards, Credit Scoring, and more; you can even test your knowledge as you progress through the sessions.  The Financial Literacy Counseling segment of Financial Aid TV is a free, 3 hour series of "need-to-know" lessons designed to strengthen your knowledge of financial life realities and can be watched in small time blocks of 5 minutes or less.

Loan Information

Apply for loans, if needed. Incoming students interested in a Federal Direct Student Loan should complete BOTH entrance counseling and the Master Promissory Note at

Total costs are determined by residency, the delivery location (Clarion, Venango or off-campus), tuition, fees, room, meal plan, parking permit and the total number of credits you will take.

Review or plan what your actual out-of-pocket costs will be after all sources of financial aid (grantsscholarshipsloans) have been applied to your account.student_at_computer

Final costs for tuition and fees are established in late July or early August and are posted to your MyClarion account if you have scheduled. Estimated financial aid will also be posted to your account. If your aid does not cover your charges, consider the payment plana PLUS loan, or a private loan

Information on adjustments to financial aid

Information on financial aid limits.

View your bill online, and pay your charges. There are many payments choices. See for yourself how to make online payments on MyClarion.

Refunds will be processed after the drop/add period. Information about adjustments to financial aid is here.

Note: The Student Accounts Receivable Department maintains a record of each student's financial commitment with the university. Charges (tuition, fees, room, board, etc.) are posted for each semester or session that the student is registered and payments are recorded as received. Payments can be made in the form of financial aid (loans and scholarships), cash, check or credit card. Payments are accepted in the office by mail or via web for students.

Re-apply for financial aid each year by filing a renewal FAFSA by May 1.  Keep in mind that you need to make satisfactory academic progress toward your degree to be eligible for aid next year.

Note: The student is responsible to ensure that all PennWest Clarion charges are paid or covered by financial aid by the beginning of the semester. Students with delinquent accounts will not be permitted to register for courses and academic records (transcripts and diplomas) will be withheld until all charges have been paid in full.

Refund Update

To ensure accurate refunds, financial aid will be disbursed to students after the drop/add deadline. The first disbursement of spring financial aid to students' accounts will take place in early February. Student refunds will then be processed for mailing and direct deposit. Students participating in direct deposit will receive refunds sooner than those who do not. Information on direct deposit is here.  Responses to common student concerns about this new policy are here. 

For complete information about financial aid, go to the PennWest Clarion Financial Aid Home Page.

Last Updated 1/22/24