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Spring 2021 CLosing

The 2021 Spring semester will end on Friday May 7, 2021 at 6pm in Suites on Main, Campus View, and Valley View. Residents will need to vacate their rooms within 24-hours after their last final or by 6pm on Friday May 7. Due to academic obligations or travel constraints, if you need to stay later than 6pm on Friday May 7, please contact your hall coordinator for permission.  Residents will not be able to stay past 6pm without prior permission and key access will be turned off. If you find it impossible to leave the building by the time stated above, PLEASE SEE YOUR HALL Staff – (Wandy Ortega-Lopez for Campus View and Valley View or Corey Negley for Suites on Main North and Suites on Main South) by 6:00pm on Friday, April 30, for permission or to discuss alternatives. 

Closing Notice and Details

Fall 2021 Opening

We are tentatively planning for freshmen to arrive on Wednesday, August 18 and Thursday August 19 through a sign-up process that will be available in June/July. Upperclassmen will be permitted to move back to campus housing on the weekend of August 21-22.  

Please remember to complete a housing application that can be found here to live in campus housing. 


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Student mailboxes are accessible 7 days a week when Gemmell is opened 7am - 11pm.


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Click here for information on how to send packages and address mail to students who live within campus housing.

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Dealing with Roommate Issues

Living with roommates isn't always easy. Sharing a living space may be stressful, and conflicts may arise. Sometimes situations that work at the beginning of the year become more difficult as the year goes on; remember that college is a time when students grow and change which can certainly impact even the healthiest of roommate relationships. It is perfectly normal to have roommate conflicts.  Please click here for more information.

LEED Certified

LEED is an international green building standard. Clarion University has many LEED certified buildings across campus, including some of our residence halls, in order to become more efficient and environmentally friendly. Learn more about our LEED Certifications.

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