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CUpro is designed to enhance students’ career development and job search skills. Comprised of various appointments, programs, workshops, and events ranging from resumes and interviewing to networking and professionalism, students have the flexibility to choose which option(s) best meet their needs.

How it works

It’s simple. You have the flexibility of choosing from professional development options that work with your schedule. Whether that’s an individual appointment, participating online, attending an event, a hybrid, or all – the content remains the same.

By completing CUpro, you'll work towards developing skills employers want! Check out our options below.

How you can learn

Before choosing from the following learning options be sure to review the program topics listed below.

Individual Appointments

  • Not sure where to begin? Let us help.
  • Individual appointments are a great way to meet with your career coach, in-person, by phone, or virtually.
  • Focus: Freshmen - Graduate Students
  • 419 Becht Hall - 814.393.2323 -

Professional Development Series Online

  • Too busy? Never on campus? No problem.
  • An online, at your pace, experience. Users can benefit from recorded workshops to learn from our career coaches.
  • Focus: Sophomores - Graduate Students
  • Learn more!
  • Sign up!

Professional Development Day

  • Ready for the college to career transition?
  • A one-day event, held in the spring semester, offering access to alumni and employers providing their expertise to help with your college to career transition.
  • Focus: Sophomores - Graduate Students
  •  Conference details and RSVP form.

Speed Sessions for Career Success

  • Earn credits towards a CUpro badge.
  • A half-day event, held in the fall semester, designed to expose you to important professional development details in a fast-paced environment.
  • Focus: Sophomores - Graduate Students
  • RSVP today!

Program Topics

The following five categories include program topics that are available in any of the CUpro learning options. Programs are open and appropriate for any major or student. In order to earn a CUpro badge, students must complete at least one program topic within each of the five categories.

Choose Your Path

  • Career Research: Learn how to use tools and resources to gather information about majors and careers (informational interviewing, O'Net, Candid Career).
  • Career Exploration: Create your personalized career plan by gaining experiences and using self-reflection to clarify and direct your career search.
  • Focus 2: Complete Focus 2 career and major exploration self-assessment online and meet virtually or in-person with a career coach. Complete assessments to determine how your interests, values, skills and personality relate to occupations and majors.
  • Financial Responsibility: Learn what resources are available to accurately project salaries for jobs related to your major.

Job Search Documents

  • Resumes and References: Gain a greater insight regarding a quality resume as coaches and/or employers unravel the mystery behind keywords, targeting the resume and applicant tracking systems.
  • Cover/Application Letters: Learn the easy-to-follow roadmap of navigating the research and writing process.
  • Career Portfolios: Learn about the development, assembly, and effective utilization of a career portfolio.
  • Job Application: Learn how to maneuver through the job application process. 

Enhance Your Interview Skills

  • Mock Interview: Participate in a practice interview with a career coach to hone your skills.
  • Effective Interviewing Strategies: Learn how to prepare, what to expect during and what to do after the interview.
  • Panel Discussions: Listen to professionals share what they look for in an interview.

Professionalism for the Workplace

  • LinkedIn: Learn the basic and advanced elements of an effective profile and how to effectively utilize it.
  • Networking: Learn the power of networking and skills to communicate professionally and appropriately, in-person and online.
  • Dining Etiquette: Learn the dos and don'ts of dining etiquette.
  • Professional Attire: Learn what it takes to dress for success.
  • Elevator Pitch: Learn what should be included in and how to craft a memorable pitch.
  • Meeting Management: Topics include basic parliamentary procedure, agenda development, recording minutes, working with committees, and by-law review.
  • Customer Service: Learn basic office skills valued by employers (how to greet customers professionally, interact positively with clientele, demonstrate proper telephone and email etiquette).

College to Career

  • Job or Internship Search Strategies: Learn skills related to conducting a proactive job or internship search, locating job or internship resources, using online job/internship boards.
  • How to Work a Job Fair: Learn how to prepare for and execute a job/internship/grad fair.
  • Graduate/Professional School: Gain insight for selecting a school/program, when to apply, how to create your application packet, sources of funding, application documents, entrance exams and what graduate schools look for in an applicant.
  • Financial Responsibility: Gain tips on how to prepare for and navigate salary questions during the interview, respectfully approach salary negotiation, and create a value-based budget to live soundly after college.

Earn A Badgecupro-badge

A digital badge is an online representation of the skills you've learned throughout CUpro. When our office sends you verification, via email, we will include the digital badge, description and criteria of the badge, outlining what you did in order to earn the badge.

  • In order to earn the CUpro badge, students must complete at least one program topic, of their choice, within each of the five categories.

See program topics for a detailed list of program options.

Remember, program topics can be completed in a hybrid approach. For example, maybe you attended Speed Sessions for Career Success which covers two of the five categories for earning a badge. You can then choose between individual appointments with your career liaison or request access to PDS online to complete the three remaining categories; which will earn you a badge!


Want to further develop your skills?

The platinum badge is eligible to CUpro badge recipients who wish to continue enhancing their career readiness skills, such as oral/written communication, professionalism/work ethic, and career management.

Learn the rules and how to level up with our downloadable game board.

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next steps

Earning a CUpro badge grants students mentee eligibility for the CUmentor program.

CUmentor is designed to connect students with professionals related to their field of study. Mentors can share tips while searching for a job or internship, review a resume, or talk about life after college. 83% of students who participated in the program felt more prepared about their professional field.

Enhance the skills you’ve learned through CUpro and continue preparing for a job or internship by attending career fairs and other career related events.

If your student organization is interested in holding a specific program, let us know!


If you have any questions contact the Center for Career and Professional Development at 814-393-2323, email us at, or stop by our office in 419 Becht Hall.

Last Updated 7/14/20