Seven-Week Online Classes

We've expanded our Seven-Week Online Class offerings to better serve students who are already busy with family and job commitments.

Our Seven-Week Online Class offerings are now offered to the following majors:

The Seven-Week Online Classes are not for on-campus or dual enrollment students. If you are in any of the previously listed online programs, however, there are some things you should know before choosing these classes.

Seven-week class start/end dates and other important dates (ie. Drop/add, class withdrawals etc.) are now available.

The schedule of courses offered for the seven-week sessions is available. Students are limited to enrolling in a maximum of six credits per seven-week session. A student taking seven-week and 15-week classes during a term is limited to 18 total credits.

Students cannot be enrolled in the same course for multiple sessions within the term.

Grades will be available in your MyClarion Student Center approximately six-and-a-half days after the final exam date.
Grades will be available on academic transcripts the day after grades have been completed.

Academic actions will be reviewed at the end of the regular 15-week term.

Degrees for students finishing their degree requirements at the end of the first seven week session will not be posted until the end of the regular 15-week term.

Here are some additional frequently asked questions:

Should I plan to schedule my classes for both sessions at the same time?

Enrollment status for federal student aid purposes is determined by the total number of credits a student enrolls for during the entire semester (this includes 15-week and both seven-week session credits). For this reason, we strongly encourage students to register for all courses they wish to take before the start of the each semester.

How does my enrollment status affect my financial aid and bill?

Students enrolled in one or more sessions will be billed on a per-credit basis for the entire number of credits for which they are registered, prior to the start of the semester. Financial aid will be awarded based on the student's anticipated enrollment in all registered courses. If student decides to withdraw from one or more courses or sessions it will affect the amount of aid for which the student is eligible. Withdrawal from one or more courses or session may also impact student's billable charges – refer to withdrawal information below for additional information.

If I want a federal loan, how many credits do I need to take in each session?

Students who plan to participate in the federal Stafford Loan program must be enrolled for at least six credits before the loan can disburse to the student's account. If the student is not enrolled for six credits in the first session, the loan will not disburse until after drop/add is completed in the second session and the student's total term enrollment reaches the half-time (six credit) minimum requirement.

When will my financial aid credit my account (and maybe provide me with a refund)?

Financial aid will not disburse to a student's account until the student meets minimum enrollment standards to qualify for each award. For example, if student is enrolled for nine credits, federal aid will not disburse until drop/add has concluded within the session where he/she reaches the minimum federal aid requirements of half-time (six credits) enrollment status.

What happens if I register for both sessions and then change my mind?

If you register for both sessions, but decide to drop courses in the second session before if starts, or during drop/add, your charges for the second session will be removed from your account if you are not concurrently enrolled in a standard 15-week class. If you withdraw from all classes scheduled within the session, but your decision is made after the session's drop/add period ends, the university withdrawal policy will apply. If you only withdraw from one of your classes and are still enrolled in at least one other class during the same session, you are not eligible for any refund after the drop/add date is over. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 800 672 7171, option No. 4, if you have any specific questions regarding your individual account balance. 

Last Updated 3/4/20