A.S. Criminal Justice | B.S. Criminal Justice

badgeClarion University's highly acclaimed criminal justice programs prepare students for more than just catching criminals. These programs have been carefully designed to ready the next generation of practitioners for both entry-level positions, as well as more advanced leadership roles, in the various fields that comprise the American criminal justice system. Statistics show this field is only growing and our skilled graduates can attest to that by gaining jobs quickly upon graduation.

Clarion's programs are unique and uncharacteristic of other criminal justice programs. First, all criminal justice courses are taught by academically credentialed practitioners, who are either still working in the field or have worked in the field at some time during their professional careers. Thus, the program boasts a sense of practical application of real world experience — not just theoretical driven ideologies that have limited application.

Second, Clarion's criminal justice programs provide a unique clinical-based co-op experience in the field, where the students are able to amass up 240 hours of field experience with various federal, state and local agencies. The co-op is a high-impact practice that has become the hallmark of both the A.S. and B.S. in CJ programs, since those students who complete these co-op experiences usually transition successfully and directly into careers within those fields in which they have interned.

badgeClarion University's criminal justice programs have multiple seals of national approval.

Clarion University's online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program received the No. 19 ranking by Best College Reviews using standards such as affordability.

SR Education Group ranked our online criminal justice programs 22nd in cost and overall quality. In addition, both programs also meet military and criminal justice practitioner friendly standards for veterans of the military, law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole employees.

More specifically, the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice prepares students to work in the five key areas of criminal justice including:

  • Law enforcement
  • Probation/parole
  • Court administration and victim services
  • Corrections and rehabilitation services
  • Juvenile justice services

Criminal justice occupations that will be experiencing continuous national growth rates through the end of the 2020s, with rates ranging between 5 and 10 percent, include:

  • Correctional officers and jailers
  • First-line correctional supervisors
  • Police officers and sheriff's officers
  • Detectives
  • Criminal investigators and special agents
  • First-line police and detective supervisors
  • Private security guards
  • Private investigators
  • Gaming officers
  • Social and human service assistants

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice (on campus or online)

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice can be completed in a face-to-face classroom at either the Clarion or Venango Campuses or completely online. The program has been specifically designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within various federal, state and local agencies, and for those returning adult students who wish to continue their educational journey for personal and professional reasons.

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice graduates can continue their education for the following bachelor's programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration at the Clarion Campus in a traditional face-to-face format
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration online degree completion program for working professionals or the preferred online learners who have completed an associate degree or other forms of professional or military training/education and wish to complete the degree online while they continue to pursue the career goals


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (on campus or online)

Traditional Students

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration can be pursued by the traditional college-aged student at Clarion University's main campus site or completely online by a preferred online learner who can seamlessly transition from an online A.S. program directly into this program.

Degree completion students

This program also can be completed as an online degree completion program. This degree completion program was created to meet the demands of current and prospective students who wish to continue their academic journey while balancing their various personal and professional responsibilities. Students who have either successfully completed an associate degree or who have amassed 60 college credits are able to enter this program.

program highlights

The underlying goal of this degree option is to provide an educational opportunity that will position both current criminal justice practitioners, and traditional students for future leadership positions within the variety of fields that comprise the American criminal justice system.

All criminal justice courses are taught by highly-credentialed practitioners who have or still work in the field, which is extremely beneficial for the traditional student who seeks to understand how theory is actually applied in real life examples.

Students enrolled in this program will build upon their previous and professional work experience by taking specific courses that will assist in allowing for more leadership-based positions in the field. Such practical courses offered will focus on various topics including:

  • Managerial theory
  • Applied research and analysis
  • Budget and finance
  • Policy evaluation and analysis
  • Legal liability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Professional ethics

Students who have graduated from our B.S. in CJ program have successfully gained employment by countless federal, state, and local agencies, including:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Pennsylvania State Police and Game Commission
  • U.S. Marshal Service
  • United States Secret Service
  • PA Department of Corrections
  • Various county state probation and parole agencies
  • Various city and county-level law enforcement agencies



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Dr. Paul Klenowski
Associate Professor, Program Director
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