Sport Management

bachelor of science in sport management

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree program will provide you with a solid foundation in sport-related business fundamentals including economics, general management, marketing, and human resource management.

Sport management career opportunities are available in:contractsigning

  • Professional sports organizations (Executive, Marketing, Sales, Management and Administration)
  • College or High School (Athletic Director, Compliance, Promotions, Facilities and Equipment)
  • Community based sports/recreation (YMCA, JCC, after school programs, Health & Fitness)
  • Corporate and Commercial Fitness (Management, Sales, and Facilities)
  • Sports shop owner (retail opportunities)
  • Sports agent (media and marketing consultant)

All students take COOP 447: Internship Sport Management.  View some of the recent locations. 

You will need to consider your personal interests when looking for careers in the sports world. There is something for everyone. Narrowing down your focus will make it easier to sift through the employment opportunities and availabilities. 

Information can be found at the career resource center to help find the right sports career for you.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sport industry requires excellent all-around skills at every level of sport operation. Sport Management involves strategy and execution in the front office as well as event and facility management in addition to other preparation to support the foundation of successful sporting endeavors.


The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree will provide graduates with a recognizable and marketable degree. The job market available to Sport Management graduates is very diverse, allowing students to enter the field in a multitude of specialty areas.



Clarion University graduates with a degree in sport management have obtained positions with these professional organizations: 

            • Pittsburgh Pirates
            • Johnstown Tomahawks
            • Tickets for Kids Charities in Pittsburgh
            • IMG Sports Marketing at Rutgers
            • New York Yankees
            • New York Red Bulls


Doug Knepp, Ph.D.
Program Director
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Dave Katis
Assistant Professor Sport Management
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Why Choose Clarion?

Entry-level positions into the multi-billion dollar sports world generally require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.  Clarion University's industry-specific emphasis and coop experience, strongly prepares our graduates for placement in what is a highly competitive field.  Students studying Sport Management at Clarion University will be prepared by studying topics that include:

  • Intro to sport management
  • General accounting
  • Principles of economics
  • Sports media/marketing
  • Sport and public policy
  • Principles of management
  • Communications in business
  • Athletic facility management
  • Managing risk in sports environments
  • Fundraising strategies


  Job market for sports management professionals

  • PAWork Stats lists Coach/Scout as a high priority occupation with a median salary of $46,295 in 2016.  
  • Sport sales managers and sales representatives are high priority occupations and employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers within the Commonwealth is projected to grow 12% from 2012 to 2022.
  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job growth in sport management will grow faster than average through 2022 because of the expanding multi-billion dollar sport industry with Coaches and Scouts expected to grow by 15%; Sport Agent/Managers expect a 12% growth, Sport Marketing Managers approximately 13% growth, Athletic Directors—Higher Education 15% growth, and Sport Facility Services Managers 12% growth.


Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management will be able to:

  • demonstrate content knowledge related to the principles and practice of sport management;  
  • describe the various venues of sport management and the evolution this discipline as a profession;twomalessportsmanagement
  • communicate the importance of sport as a medium for integrating gender issues, ethnic, religious, and disability interests in society; 
  • interpret and demonstrate knowledge of sport leadership theory and application;
  • demonstrate an understanding of ethical theory by applying personal ethics to the various issues in the business of sport management;
  • set up a sport budget with income and expenditures;  
  • identify and apply various areas of law to the sport industry;
  • identify, access, understand, and evaluate peer-reviewed, reliable sport management information and use the information effectively;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the employment opportunities available within the field;
  • and develop and display the positive dispositions associated with an entry-level sport management professional.


The student learning outcomes for the Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management are based on the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) accreditation standards.

Last Updated 8/10/20