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Calendar for the Academic Year

Important Calendar Dates

*All Physicals and TB testing for the Spring 2022 semester MUST be scheduled on an individual basis by the requesting student. 

TB testing/Physicals at Health Care services at Becht Hall

It is strongly suggested that all medical exams and TB testing be done at the CUP Health Center in Becht Hall. This is the best way to insure all data is accurately reported so that the Office of Field Services can record your medical clearance is completed. Also, TB testing will require two office visits (one to administer the test and a second to read the results), much easier to accomplish if done on campus. However you may choose to have your medical clearance done by your personal physician. If you choose to not utilize the University Health Center follow directions exactly as found under Clearances – Medical Clearances on the Office of Field Services Webpage.

There have been many changes to the requirements for clearances for the education department and the procedure to meet those requirements.  Each student will need to be aware of their specific requirements.  The following is the schedule with times set aside to do tb testing to help students meet the requirements for their degrees.  Please note there have been changes by the Health Center in the way we will be providing this service due to the corona virus mitigation recommendations so please read carefully.





A two-step tb test is required for all Education majors ONCE during their college enrollment.  A two-step tb test requires getting 2 separate tb tests a specified time apart.  


Ech and Sped are required to have physical exams completed every 2 years.


Rehab will have a one step tb test every two years and a physical every year.


CSD physicals and tb testing are set by your placements.

*Please contact the Health Center with any scheduling questions regarding the dates set aside for ECH, Mid-level, Secondary BLOCKS, CSD and Rehab Science Physicals and TB testing.


All of the following information must be updated and on file in the Office of Field Services before you are able to student teach:

  • Current Physical (ECH and SPED majors ONLY)
  • TB test
  • Clearances Act 24, 33, 34, 151
  • Current Liability Insurance ($1,000,000)
  • *RECOMMENDED*  Pearson Exam/Praxis II test taken or Seat Ticket showing that you are registered for the needed test prior to student teaching and passing the required exam before graduating.

** If any of these informational items are not current or in the Office of Field Services by the given dates you will need to complete your student teaching experience the following semester.


Block Student Teacher fall 2022

  • ECH PreK - K Block: Tuesday, October 25 - Tuesday, November 22
  • ECH 1 - 6 Block: Tuesday, October 25 - Tuesday, November 22
  • Middle/Secondary Level Block: Tuesday, October 25 - Tuesday, November 22
  • SPED Block:
    • Placement 1 - Monday, October 10 - Friday, November 4
    • Placement 2 - Monday, November 7 - Friday, December 2


Student Teaching Schedule Fall 2022

Student Teacher Orientation #1 Aug. 22, 2022
First day of Student Teaching Aug 23. 2022
Contact second placement cooperating teacher and send informational letter No later than Oct. 3, 2022
End of first placement Oct. 14, 2022
Student Teacher Orientation #2 Oct. 17, 2022
Beginning of second placement Oct. 18, 2022
Last day of student teaching Dec 7, 2022
Graduation Dec 10, 2022


block student schedule spring 2023

  • ECH PreK - K Block: Tuesday, March 28 - Friday, April 21
  • ECH 1 - 6 Block: Tuesday, March 28 - Friday, April 21
  • SPED Block: 

    Placement 1 - Monday, March 13 - Friday, March 31

    Placement 2 - Monday, April 3 - Friday, April 28


Student Teaching Schedule Spring 2023

Contact first placement cooperating teacher and send informational letter 1/3/2023
Student Teacher Orientation #1 1/17/2023
First day of Student Teaching 1/18/2023
Contact second placement cooperating teacher and send informational letter 2/27/2023
End of first placement 3/10/2023
Student Teacher Orientation #2 3/13/2023
Beginning of second placement 3/14/2023
Job Fair See Career Services for more information
Last Day for Student Teaching 5/3/2023
Graduation 5/6/2023

Teacher candidates follow the school districts' calendar. There may be some variations in dates according to your major. Please call for appointments. 

Last Updated 9/2/22