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Certification Information

Pennsylvania Teacher Certification Information

Additional information on certification with related forms can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website. Click on Teachers and Administrators, then Certifications.


Teacher Certification Upon Graduation

Certification and applicable FEES:

Upon graduation the applicant will apply for Pennsylvania state certification through the TIMS (Teacher Information Management System) through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This fee will be collected by PDE when applying for teacher certification. This fee will no longer be handled by any component of the University.

The applicant will complete an on-line application through TIMS only when all requirements of the program are met. PDE will not accept applications that are submitted before the month of graduation. Field services office will check to make sure all requirements have been met before recommending the application to PDE for teacher certification. Certification applications are recommended by the university at the end of successful completion of program requirements.

Teacher candidates may not receive actual certificates from PDE until 6 to 8 weeks after applications are submitted. However, during this waiting period, many school districts may be interviewing graduates and will request proof of teacher certification (see below for the certification letter).  

Certification letter prior to receiving Certification (for job search/interview):

Teacher candidates may request a certification letter from the Office of Field Services stating that all course requirements  have been met and that certification is pending from PDE. Teacher candidates are encouraged to wait until the end of the semester to request this letter. To request a verification letter, please contact the Office of Field Services by e-mailing Dr. Stevenson. In order to expedite the letter, please provide the following information:

  • Full name with middle initial
  • Area of certification(s)
  • Date of graduation

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PEARSON - PRAXIS REQUIREMENTS for Teacher Certification

Helpful Link: PAPA and Praxis II Testing Policy

Teacher candidates must take the required Pearson exam or the required Praxis II exam before student teaching. Passing the required test will not keep a teacher candidate from graduation but is necessary for certification.

Don't wait until it's too late! Be sure to take the APPROPRIATE TEST!

Check out the new Pearson Center on campus! You no longer need to travel to complete these tests.

ECH Major - Pearson PreK - 4

SPED - Pearson PK - 8

All Secondary and Middle Level majors take  ETS PRAXIS II tests which are not currently offered at Clarion.  Registration is online at

PDE teacher certification with Praxis requirements and school district certification staffing policy guidelines (CSPGs) are available for review on the PDE teacher certification Website.

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Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

For those who hold a bachelor's degree or graduate degree and want to add a teacher certification, the following steps should be taken:

  • Forward a copy of your transcripts with a notation indicating the major you are considering and your contact information.
  • Remember that all teacher certification requirements must be met.
  • Please allow time for the review and plan to be completed and sent to you.
  • Regular admission procedures should be followed to begin your program. For more information, see Admissions
  • Once admitted, you will receive a faculty advisor.

The School of Education contacts are:

College of Education, Health, and Human Services Dean Dr. Gwen Price

Department of Education Chair Dr. Jesse Haight

Special Education Chair Dr. Lorie Taylor

Communication Speech Disorder (CSD) Chair Dr. Janis Jarecki-liu

Office of Field Services Director Dr. Tim Stevenson

Support staff, Ms. Jill Johnston

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Add a Certification

If you already hold an Instructional (type 60, 61, 62 or 80) certificate and want to add an instructional area, you may add other certifications by passing the appropriate Praxis II test WITHOUT completing any course work. The certifications that may be added by taking the appropriate Praxis II tests are:

K-12 Certifications: Middle School Certification (7-9) Secondary Certification (7-12)
Agriculture Social Studies Biology
Art English Chemistry
Business/Computer/Info Tech Math Communication
Environmental Education Science Driver Education
Family/Consumer Sciences  Early Childhood Earth and Space Science
French   English
German   Marketing
Health   Math
Library Science   Physics
Music   Science
Social Studies   Social Studies
Technology Education    
Middle Level Grades 4-8    


The PDE recently announced that those who hold a PK-4 (Early Childhood) certificate can qualify for a grades 5-6 add on certificate if you:

  1. Pass the Grades 4-8 Module 2- English, Language Arts, and Social Studies (5145)
  2. Pass the Grades 4-8 Module 3- Mathematics and Science (5155)

You can  find testing information on the PDE website at


**The following certifications are NOT PERMITTED to be added without additional coursework, passing Praxis II, and student teaching:

  • Special Education
  • Reading Specialist
  • Health and Physical Education

To add Certifications, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education "Adding a Certification" Website.

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Last Updated 9/3/20