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*QUESTIONS??  Please contact Mrs. Jill Johnston at or (814) 393-2144.  The Office of Field Services is located in 131 Stevens Hall, Special Education Center.


 All Clearances and Liability Insurance Information

PLEASE NOTE: THE FBI Clearance is completed through the IdentoGo System using Service Code: 1KG6RT

*Complete the PA Safe Check form and upload it to Chalk & Wire for review.  Be sure to accurately list your UEID for verification of your record.

*See Act 114 (below) for more information.


Act 24 (Self-Reporting)

Act 114 (FBI Background Check)

Act 33 (Child Abuse)

Act 34 (Criminal Record Check)

Liability Insurance

Confidentiality Form

Medical Clearances

Act 126 (Mandated Reporting)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires Act 33/151 Child Abuse, Act 34 Criminal Record, Act 24, and Act 114 FBI clearances for students enrolled in teacher preparation programs. Prior to beginning a field experience where a teacher candidate may interact with children under the age of eighteen, the teacher candidate must have clearances on file in the Office of Field Services (OFS).

A field experience is any course-related activity that requires a teacher candidate to enter a school or agency that includes children under the age of 18. Clarion University teacher candidates will begin field experiences during the freshman year and continue throughout the program sequence of courses. Thus, teacher candidates must submit the clearances at the beginning of the first semester enrolled in university courses.

Submitted clearances are legal as long as the student is continuously enrolled in the university course, as stated in Act 114. The school district or university can request clearances be renewed.

The required clearances are:

  1. ACT 24 (PDE-6004 Form) Arrest or Conviction Report
  2. ACT 114 FBI Clearance - PDE for Education Students (fingerprinting) Service Code: 1KG6RT
  3. ACT 33/151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance [select VOLUNTEER]
  4. ACT 34 - PA Criminal History Record Clearance [select VOLUNTEER]

June 1st is the latest recommended date students who will be student teaching during the fall semester should apply for new clearances.

November 1st is the latest recommended date students who will be student teaching during the spring semester should apply for new clearances.

Once a teacher candidate has received his/her new clearances, documents must be upload to the Chalk and Wire System for review by the Office of Field Services. Please submit questions regarding clearances to Mrs. Jill Johnston at or (814) 393-2144.  The Office of Field Services is located in 102 Stevens Hall, Special Education Center.

Prior to the start of the Fall student teaching semester, the deadline for submitting new clearances, to the Office of Field Services, is August 1. Prior to the start of the Spring student teaching semester, the deadline for submitting clearances is December 1.

Clearance originals are yours! Keep original clearances in a safe place!  Many school districts will want to see the originals in order to accept copies and teacher candidates must take both their original clearances and copies of their original clearances to their assigned placement.


Act 24

  • Act 24 Clearance Information

    Act 24 of 2011 (Act 24) amends Section 111 of the School Code, which provides for background checks for employees/pre-service teachers of public and private schools, intermediate units, and area vocational-technical schools. The changes to Section 111 become effective in 2011.

    Act 24 adds several new crimes to the list of offenses in Section 111(e), which disqualifies individuals from school employment. Because of the expanded list of prohibited criminal offenses, Act 24 requires all current and future employees/pre-service teachers to complete a Pennsylvania Department of Education ("PDE") form to report prior arrests or convictions for any offenses listed. PDE developed Form PDE-6004 for reporting purposes.

    Act 24 also now requires that you report to the OFS within 72 hours of any arrests or conviction for any criminal offense listed in Section 111(e) that occurs after Sept. 28, 2011. The Form PDE-6004 should be used to make reports of any arrests or convictions in the future.

          Please complete and submit a signed Form PDE 6004 to the Office of Field Services.


Act 114 (FBI Background Check)

  • FBI Clearances Information - *Education students MUST register through the IdentoGo site.

    • Use Service Code: 1KG6RT
  • Get your FINGERPRINTING DONE through the Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 in Clarion or on campus. (CLICK ON the LINK above to register for fingerprinting)

  • Students can ONLY print their FBI clearance when they initially open the confirmation email.  Be sure to have access to a printer before opening the confirmation email.


Act 33 (Child Abuse)

  • Act 33/151 Child Abuse Information    You can print out your Child Abuse Clearance online.
    Click here to have your Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance processed online. In most cases, the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Check will provide the applicant information as to whether or not they are listed in the Pennsylvania statewide database as a perpetrator of child abuse. You will need to create an account and have a credit/debit card to pay the fee. Because there is minimal delay this method is recommended.


Act 34 (Criminal Record Check)

    1. Click on the PSP Webpage. This moves you to the PATCH system page.
    2. Scroll down the PATCH system page to the bottom and click Go to the PATCH Application Website.
    3. A Security Alert will come up. Please click ACCEPT.
    4. On the Personal Information page beside Reason For Request, click on the down arrow. Then click Other.
    5. From this point, you will need to move through the remaining pages as directed to pay for and receive your clearance printout.

You will receive the clearance on the screen to print out after the application has been completed online unless there is a need for extensive research by the PSP. A debit or credit card is required for payment for each clearance request.


Liability Insurance

This insurance is required prior to the beginning of the actual classroom field experience. This
coverage can be obtained through personal insurance or by purchasing insurance through one of
the links below. The liability requirement coverage is $1,000,000. Suggested sites:

Student PSEA - Annual Membership includes liability insurance
ACEI - Membership does not include a liability plan that must be purchased separately
NAEYC - Membership does not include a liability plan that must be purchased separately


Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) - Follow all requirements outlined on the CSD webpage.



Confidentiality Form

Confidentiality / Liability Agreement for Teacher Candidates - All teacher candidates must complete this form before beginning any Field Experience Stage.

Medical clearances


The medical clearance requirements have recently changed and are different for each major. Please read the following information carefully.

Early Childhood - Special Education - ECH/SPED (Dual majors)

During your first semester, you will be required to have a 2-step TB test, a medical exam, and show proof of the required immunizations. The whole process can take 3 ½ weeks to complete, so plan accordingly. 

We will need proof of the following immunizations:

       Hepatitis B (series of 3 shots)  

       MMR or Measles, Mumps, Rubella (total of 2 shots)

       Tdap within the past 10 years  

You will only need to have the 2-step TB test done one time. You will need to have Physical Exams updated every 24 months.  It is strongly recommended that all medical exams and TB testing be done at the Clarion University Center for Wellness in 256 Becht. This is the best way to ensure all data is accurately reported so that the Office of Field Services can record your medical clearance as complete. Also, the 2-step TB testing will require four office visits, two to place the TB tests and two to read the result of the tests. 

If you choose to have your medical clearance done elsewhere, the physician who does your medical exam and 2-step TB test must complete the Physician’s Certification for Medical Clearance Early Childhood

Please be aware that if data is missing on the Physician’s Certification Form, you will be notified and: 

1) Your milestones will be marked not complete for your medical clearance, delaying field observations/block placements/student teacher placement.

2) You will be responsible to return to the physician to have the form properly completed.

                  *To obtain medical clearance from the Clarion University Center for Wellness

1) Verify on the Patient Portal that the Center for Wellness has your immunization records. If not, take a copy of your records with you.

2) Call the Center for Wellness at 393-2121 to schedule your TB test and physical.

Mid-level and Secondary Education Majors

You are required to have a 2-step TB test once, prior to any field experience. This will take 2 ½ - 3 ½ weeks to complete, so please plan accordingly.  

*To obtain your 2-step TB test at Clarion University Center for Wellness:

- Call the Center for Wellness at 393-2121 to schedule your TB test and physical.

                  *To obtain your 2-step TB test at your personal physician’s office:

- Print a copy of the Physician's Certification for 2-step TB Test for your doctor to complete and sign.

- Upload the completed Physician’s Certification for 2-step TB Test to Chalk & Wire.  The Office of the Director of Education (201 Stevens Hall) will review the uploaded form.  Upon review, you will receive notification to bring the original signed document for verification.  Pending verification, your Milestones will be updated.

Speech Language Pathology

                  You will be instructed by your department prior to beginning your Master’s Program.

Notice: The physician's certification is to be completed by the physician conducting your TB test and exam or the physician's office designee. Falsification of date or signature is a violation of the Conduct Policy, Student Regulations as found in The Clarion University Student Rights, Regulation and Procedures and is subject to disciplinary action under The Clarion University's Judicial Policy. This policy also applies to the falsification of any other information or documentation that has been submitted to the Office of Field Services.




ACT 126

Updated Student Teaching Clearances

All teacher education candidates who have direct contact with children must have updated current clearances in order to begin student teaching. Current updated clearances are those that will not be more than one year old throughout the student teaching semester.


The Pennsylvania state legislature passed Act 126 and Act 31 which requires professionals working with school-age children to be trained in the recognition and reporting mandates for child abuse. Your placement site will expect you to have completed this training. Starting with the fall 2016 semester, completing this requirement can be by completing a free online course approved for human services and education majors. The program is through the University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work, Child Welfare Resources Center.

Before your student teaching assignment begins, you must complete this course, print the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, and submit it with the other required clearances to the Office of Field Services.


Click on the Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse link to take the training.

*Don’t forget to print your certificate of completion.  Turn a copy into the OFS and upload a copy to Chalk and Wire.

You can review the Pa Department of Education for other approved providers if you wish. Most charge a fee.

‘Law Room’ training is the approved vendor for the University system training in Protection of Minors. It is only for PASSHE employees and volunteers, including student workers. This will not count towards the PDE requirement for training and therefore cannot be accepted for student teaching.

Last Updated 8/25/22