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Testing Requirements in Pennsylvania

Prior to taking "block classes"  Education majors must have taken and submitted passing scores for the basic skills tests (can take either PAPA or CORE tests). (SAT Scores and Basic Skills Requirement)

Important links:
Pennsylvania Department of Education Testing Requirements. Click on Teachers and Administrators, then Certifications and Certification Testing.

You can now match PAPA and CORE subtests to meet the pass rates for the three major areas. PDE also announced that the composite SAT score in order to waive the PAPA/CORE is now 1500 (formerly 1550). These new criteria take place now and maybe useful so ask your advisor for more details or click on the following link. PAPA & CORE Composite

Basic Skills Assessments – Composite Score Option

You may combine reading, writing, and mathematics module scores from different test
providers to meet the basic skills requirements. (See the PAPA CORE Composite Score)   
You may use the composite score method to meet the requirement when you do well
in one or two areas to compensate for a lower score in the other area.
The composite score is the sum of the passing scores.  Note that when using the composite score, each test must meet or exceed the minimum score listed.      
Use the Composite Score Calculator when mixing tests.  (Composite Test Score Calculator)

If you fail a PAPA module and want to take the corresponding CORE module, you only need to take that CORE module and not all three CORE modules. You only need the module you failed to have a qualifying score for and you have the option of taking the CORE, PAPA, ACT, or SAT.


PAPA  Testing

What to Bring on Test Day:
You and your ID. Personal belongings WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in the testing room. ID must be present at all times of testing.

What the test looks like:
PAPA consists of 3 Modules (Reading, Math, and Writing). These can be taken separately or together (for a discounted price). They are approximately 180 minutes if taken together. Allow for the 15-minute computer-based testing tutorial.

Format: Reading contains 40 selected-response items; Mathematics contains 40 selected-response items; and Writing contains 40 selected-response items, 2 sentence correction assignments, and 1 extended-response assignment.

An on-screen calculator and a formula page are available during Mathematics (the following link provides a tutorial to these). Each test-taker is also given an erasable sheet for working out problems on all tests.

PAPA Registration:

  1. PAPA is a computer-based test. Registering for the PAPA test must be done online.
  2. Don't forget to list Clarion University as the recipient when you register! Scores must be received by the university. Retain your test results copy as well.

Want More Information?

Score Reports:
Scores for Mathematics and Reading are available within 10 days; Writing scores are available within 20 days. For more information:  How to Read Your Score Report for PAPA

Detailed information on composite scores and combining PAPA and CORE scores can be found at PAPA & CORE Composite



Praxis II Testing

Register through ETS for Praxis II Computer-Delivered Tests:
Teacher candidates register for Praxis II tests through Educational Testing Service for computer-delivered tests online at

Registration for the Pearson PECT exam is at

The teacher certification programs require student teachers to take the appropriate ETS Praxis II or Pearson PECT exam(s).  The exam(s) should be completed before the student teaching field placement. 

The specifics of this policy are:

  • All candidates must take the required ETS Praxis II or Pearson PECT exam(s) or present a copy of the registration or seat ticket that shows the test(s) are scheduled prior to the start of the student teaching placement to the Office of Field Services before beginning their student teaching semester.
  • Once the candidate has taken the exam(s), he or she must report the scores to the Office of Field Services.
  • Candidates will not be eligible to be certified unless they pass the appropriate ETS Praxis II or Pearson PECT      exam(s).
  • You will not be eligible for teacher certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education unless you pass the required tests.  Apply through T.I.M.S to receive PA Certification issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • Teacher candidate graduation requires a 3.0 GPA.

Praxis II Registration:

  1. Praxis II tests are only offered in the computer-based format.  Registering for the Praxis II must be done online.
  2. Praxis II Tests will be given during the regular testing times throughout each academic year.  
  3. Praxis Requirements for Pennsylvania Teacher Certification. This site identifies which tests are required by major(s) and the passing score presently accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).
  4. Scores must be sent to the OFS via the registration, OR the teacher candidate must bring a copy of the scores to the OFS as soon as they are available.



Students with Disabilities

PLEASE NOTE:   IF YOU ARE A STUDENT WITH A DIAGNOSED DISABILITY and anticipate the need to request accommodations please follow the corresponding sites below. For the PRAXIS II exams, please click on this link from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) And for PAPA please click on this link from Pearson and click on Test Accommodations. These websites explain the procedures for requesting both traditional and nontraditional accommodations. PLEASE NOTE: You should plan well in advance when registering to take these exams with accommodations, as it can take approximately six weeks for requests to be approved.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Disability Support Services at 814 393 2095.



More Information

Praxis test scores are valid for 10 years for candidates educated in Pennsylvania.  CSPG No. 21: Testing Guidelines may be found on the PDE Website(Click on Teachers and Administration, then Certifications and Certification Testing)

Foreign Language French, German, and Spanish candidates have the option in Pennsylvania of taking either the PRAXIS or the ACTFL test. The ACTFL test includes a written (when available) and oral exam that is graded on a proficiency scale rather than a point scale.  Both the written and oral exams must be taken when available. The minimum proficiency to qualify is Intermediate High - Code 120. Candidates may contact the ACTFL Language Testing office at 914 963-7110.

* All Education majors are required to pass the Pearson (PAPA) or ETS (CORE) basic skills test. Be sure to review your scores to see if composite or combined scores benefit you. Detailed information on composite scores and combining PAPA and CORE scores can be found at PAPA & CORE Composite.

 All Praxis II or PECT tests must be passed in order to receive teacher certification in Pennsylvania.

Major  Test
ECH Pearson Prek-4*  PECT
SPED Pearson K-8*    PECT
Secondary Ed ETS Praxis II
All K-12 ETS Praxis II
Ed Middle Level ETS Mid Level 4-8*

 * Computer-based only!

· Information about Pearson tests:

· Information about ETS Praxis tests:

· Clarion University's Pearson Testing Center is now open! Sign up today: Clarion's Pearson Testing Center. Select Clarion, Pa to find our center.



Special Help:

PAPA & Praxis II Preparation:
Prep Classes at Butler County Community College (BC3) -
For more information, please check out the Praxis/BC3 Website.

For further information, contact the OFS at 814 393 2144.


Last Updated 3/24/21